COSTA RICA - Carlos Montero - Catuai

COSTA RICA - Carlos Montero - Catuai

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producer :  Carlos Montero 

region :       Don Eli, Tarrazu, Costa Rica 

process :    Honey Reposado process 

vaiety :        Catuai

tasting notes : raspberries, ripe plum, milk choc.



‘Sweet and deep rich berries Catuai’  

We first got introduced to Carlos Montero and his farm last year by  Marianela Montero, his daughter. Unfortunately, last year we were too slow so we missed his coffee. This year we bought 2 lots from his farm Reposado Honey Catuai and Black Honey Geisha. 


Jacob is in charge of processing at the Don Eli Wet Mill. Jacob places the coffee in the receiving tank and allows it to rest (hence the reposado name) for 2 days before pulping. This induces a light fermentation to the fruit and mucilage before pulping and drying resulting in a more intense cup. Two days later the coffee is passed through the pulper and mechanical demucilager - removing the seed from the fruit and nearly all of its mucilage. 

The coffee is dried like a white honey or semi-washed process.This process typically requires 10-12 days of drying to reach optimal moisture content. 

This lot is grown at a very high altitude which is 1800 masl. This makes the coffee very sweet and densed. You can expect notes of sweet raspberries coming up with ripe plum and smooth milk chocolate finish.