ETHIOPIA - Fikadu Kanketi

ETHIOPIA - Fikadu Kanketi

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Haru, Foge, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia 

Washed Process 

1800 masl 

74112 , 1377

Jasmine, Earl Grey, Pomelo 

Kanketi Coffee export is managed and run by siblings Tsedenia and Fikadu Abayneh. Tsedenia studied marketing and worked for other companies before she joined Kanketi full time in 2017. She manages administration and customer relations, and divides her time between Addis and the family home in Yirgacheffe during the season. She is an aspiring film maker, while also being deeply involved in her families busines.

Fikadu Kanketi manages the production and quality control at the stations. He has been involved in the family business for a long time, but only began working full time for the company in 2015.

Kanketi Coffee export was founded by their father, and Tsedenia and Fikadu both grew up in Yirgacheffe, immersed in coffee their entire lives, this second generation has a new vision and is exploring ways to improve the business and the livelihoods of the farmers it serves.

This mill was established six years ago and Haru is the name of the small village where the washing station is located. The Haru area is famous for producing quality, and is located in the heart of Yirgacheffe. This region is one of Ethiopia’s most densely populated, with the highest number of coffee producers, and for good reason: the coffees are great. Yirgacheffe has been recognised for many years for producing some of the world’s finest coffees.