Farm Visiting Ep I : Toki Organic Farm

Coffee from Toki Organic Farm is our first Thai coffee since we've opened Livid. It's simply good quality which made us fall into it very quickly. In early 2020, we visit Toki, the owner of this farm at his village. The village is called "Khun Mae Ruam".This village is in Galyani Vadhana, Chiang Mai. It's 2 hours from the main road. People here are so kind and lovely, most of them do their traditional sustainable farming for a living. Their way of living is about preserving nature and the environment as much as they can. 

30 minutes walk from the village in the middle of the forest, coffee trees have been grown for at least 30 years in the forest. Toki just found these trees last 5years that his grandfather grown this tree for a long time. He's taken care of these trees after that time. There are so many varieties of arabica coffee trees here. All of them are cover with shade trees in the forest. We really impressed by this environment. 

Toki processed his coffee simplest and cleanest as possible, make his coffee sweet clean and transparent. He dried the cherries on the raised bed and covered with shade to keep the moisture and temperature suit for their fermentation.

Finally, his coffee has arrived. We bought a bag of Natural process local variety and 3bags of washed processed local variety. And they are available on the webshop right now. Enjoy !!!


M Nilodom

Head Roaster